Hotshots App| Raj Kundra Video Site
Hotshots App| Raj Kundra Video Site

Hotshots App| Raj Kundra Video Site


epsonprinterdrivers.comHotshots App| Raj Kundra Video Site will be a discussion of the latest updates in this meeting.

Bollywod is a film that can be known to the whole country. In addition to having the actress and aktror very energetic, bollywood movies very well known with the music and singing, which is associated in the storyline so that it becomes its own characteristic.

But this time Bollywood has struck once there is an information related to a businessman who is the husband of the actress name is Raj Kundra. His name is sudden viral and became a discussion warganet, after which there was a content as well as the Application of hers who was allegedly a site 18.

The Hotshots App are the property Raj Kundra banned by Google play. Well what to make of this app is strictly prohibited and makes Raj Kundra have to deal with the law? Yui continue to refer to this discussion to dig up the actual facts.

Hotshots App| Raj Kundra Video Site

According to information circulating, Raj Kundra have been prosecuted by the cast which became a model sebeleumnya work with him before breaking the contract 8 months ago.

Raj Kundra husband of Shilpa Shetty’s have to deal to get a lawsuit in court related content photography which was uploaded on Hotshots App of hers, while this content does not have permission of the person who made the models in the content.

This Poonam Pandey one of the people who feel aggrieved by Raj has filed the guidance of the court, and finally the case has been brought keranah law.

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You’re looking for and feel curious video the Hotshots App, you can listen directly on an alternative here.

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