viral video of woman stepping out of the amazon van
viral video of woman stepping out of the amazon van

Viral Video Of woman Stepping Out Of Amazon Delivery Truck

226 views– Video Viral TikTok uploaded by one of the owners accounts and it has 10 million views, where the content in question constitutes a conjecture about what happens in a delivery van

So this short video is more than 700,000 likes @patrickhook 01’s TikTok account. Where the contents of the tape has been showing a woman leaving a van Amazon delivery.

Next the woman walked away as he exchanged a glance into people recoil in the van. However, the person still standing at the door of the van and beaten before the door closed..

“Amazon be different,” is a watermark on the video. This, of course, make more than 20,000 comments of the netizens, “so it was said what was done both of those guys’. Quoted from the account tiktok.

First, there is still a lot of comments of the netizens who questioned what drives patrickhook 01 to start recording the video?

Viral Video Of woman Stepping Out Of the Amazon Delivery Truck

the Related videos spread dijejaring social viral tiktok surely reap a lot of the comments are full of jokes. Here are some of the comments quoted;

“Do everything except deliver the parcel on time,”

“He’s got a membership a major plus,” a TikTok viewer commented.

“he gets that major deal .”

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“Amazon is taking over every industry,” reads another comment.

” Wow Amazon do it all now .”

“[Dude] may be fired because of this vid, ” one viewer wrote.

You can’t get away with anything in this century with all lmao Technology,” the commissioner wrote. “Dude definitely get questioned or dismissed .”

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“the best Day and the last work in the Amazon,” another comment read.

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